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Workplace Injuries and Workers' Compensation

Due to COVID-19 operations, telemedicine appointments may be requested. Limited online physical therapy appointments may also be available.

Workers' Compensation is an employee benefit program mandated and regulated by the State of California and the California Labor Code. As an employee of California State University, you are covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Notice of workers' compensation carrier

Benefits include medical treatment, death benefits to eligible dependents, temporary disability or industrial disability leave payments, and vocational rehabilitation.

CSUMB pays the full cost of all benefits. Our workers' compensation program is administered by Sedgwick CMS in coordination with CSUMB University Personnel.

Sedgwick CMS

CSU Unit
PO Box 14629
Lexington, KY  40512-4629
Phone: (800) 225-2998
Fax: (916) 851-8089
Call your supervisor and University Personnel within 24 hours to report a work-related injury, illness, or accident and for referral authorization to the appropriate medical treatment facility.

If you are unable to work due to a work related injury, report the absence immediately to your supervisor and University Personnel. A work status from the treating physician is required.

CSUMB has a strong interest in the timely and effective treatment of injured employees, prompt payment of benefits, and the exploration of an early return to work through temporary modified duty or alternate work.

University Personnel will assist in obtaining quality medical treatment, explaining benefits and options, and in exploring other measures to facilitate recovery from the effects of work-related injuries or illnesses to resume productive work as soon as feasible. Call the UP Analyst for ADA, Leaves, and Workers' Compensation at (831) 582-3584 or the UP front desk at (831) 582-3389 to request assistance.

University Personnel

(831) 582-3389
Tide Hall