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Department chairs

Guidelines and resources for department chairs

Lecturer annual evaluation form

The form to use when annually evaluating lecturers

Lecturer annual evaluation form
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Lecturer cumulative evaluation form

The form to use when cumulatively evaluating lecturers

Lecturer cumulative evaluation form
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Lecturer evaluations criteria, procedures and calendar

These procedures supplement Article 15, Evaluation, of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

Lecturer evaluations criteria, procedures and calendar
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Lecturer peer evaluation form

Use this form to complete peer evaluations and classroom visitation

Lecturer peer evaluation form
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Lecturer self evaluation form

Lecturers are not required, but highly recommended to complete a self-evaluation form

Lecturer self evaluation form
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Academic volunteer appointments

How to appoint academic-related volunteers

Department chair appointment and evaluation policy

Guidelines and standards for the appointment and evaluation of Department Chairs

Faculty recruitment and staffing

Resources for recruiting academic administrators

Guidelines for employing temporary faculty without a master's degree

Candidates not possessing a Master’s Degree, which is deemed to be a minimum degree requirement, may be hired as temporary faculty only if they fall into one of the following categories:

Guidelines for salary and range placement and advancement for temporary faculty

Various elements are considered in decisions regarding salary and range placement and advancement for members of Unit 3

Lecturer entitlement - Assignment of work

How to assign work while following Article 12 of the contract

Lecturer entitlement - General principles

Guidelines to keep in mind when reviewing lecturers for available work

Lecturers & coaches

Resources for lecturers and coaches

Low enrollment, independent study, and special topics courses

Guidelines for offering low enrollment, special topics, and independent study courses

Resident director

A Resident Director of The California State University International Programs is a full-time, tenured or tenure-track faculty member holding a teaching or administrative appointment on a CSU campus who is appointed to provide academic, administrative, and fiscal supervision of an overseas study center, under the direction of the Director of International Programs.

Substitute faculty assignments

Describes circumstances in which to assign substitute faculty and steps to follow

Teaching Associates (TAs)

Description of the teaching associate classification

University Personnel

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