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2019 SummerBIO 347 Section 01, 3 units

Working with Marine Mammals

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    July 15 2019 to July 21 2019


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    Note: Course meets daily July 15-21, 2019, from 10:00am to 5:00pm in Moss Landing.

    Explores current topics and careers working with marine mammals. Topics include practical knowledge of captive marine mammal husbandry (care and maintenance), training, basic physiology, an overview of common research topics and techniques, as well as public display, education, and current issues in marine mammalogy. Students intern at least one day at Moss Landing Marine Labs assisting in the care. Requires completion of a college biology course. (Offered through Extended Education.) (Prereq: GE Area B2 with a C- or better)

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    This course does not fulfill any general university requirements.

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