CSUMB Salinas City Center

Types of Events

We invite individuals, small and large businesses, entrepreneurs, community leaders and others for a wide variety of business purposes here at CSUMB Salinas City Center.  We have several types of meeting spaces that can fit most needs. We have spaces that are great for conferences, presentations, training rooms, interviewing, seminars or even company holiday dinners. (We do not rent out event space for private events such as birthday parties, weddings, end of life celebrations, etc.)

  • Conferences are popular and important business events that are best suited in a formal meeting space for discussion and collaborative experiences. 
  • Seminars are educational events for the training and instruction of managers, employees. They are also a great way to provide learning opportunities for potential customers and clients. 
  • Meetings are common business events in both small and large companies, perfect to discuss operational and financial strategies in addition to a vast variety of other purposes.
  • Board Meetings focus on strategic goals and visions. The event venue and the planning process should reflect the prestigious nature of these meetings while providing a professional atmosphere.
  • VIP Events are used to increase customer loyalty. Organizing VIP events for your organization can potentially increase revenue and create opportunities for growth.
  • Award Ceremonies are great events to honor and motivate key staff or to acquire and retain customers. Banquets provide a certain level of professionalism while recognizing and celebrating the success and hard work of employees.
  • Training Rooms require adequate space so trainees are comfortable and can get the most out of the learning process. These rooms generally come equipped with training essentials such as smart TV's or projectors.