CSUMB Salinas City Center


The Gabilan Room is the perfect workroom setting for small presentations, meetings, workshops or lecture purposes. With the shades drawn back, Gabilan provides an entire wall of natural light. This is a classroom style event space that includes 30 chairs and 15 rectangular tables on wheels. These tables are specifically designed to allow for maximum flexibility in the workspace and can accommodate a variety of different setups. Each table is set with two chairs. Some of these setups include: classroom style (forward-facing), conference style (U-shape), boardroom style (rectangle), groups, and more. We offer a 55" Promethian Activ Panel Smart TV for projection purposes in this room. 

Please note that we do not allow catering in this event space. You are welcome to bring in store-bought, pre-packaged snacks for your guests but significant food service is not permitted. Often times, these smaller groups opt to take advantage of the downtown restaurants nearby for a working lunch. 

Gabilan room set up with tables and chairs in a U shape
Gabilan room set up in two vertical rows with tables and chairs
Map of where Gabilan in located in the building.