CSUMB Salinas City Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events can be held at the facility?

Our mission is to provide a professional environment in the heart of Salinas for business, educational & community purposes. CSUMB Salinas City Center provides a unique setting for conferences, seminars, trainings, retreats and banquets. We do not rent out facility space for private events such as birthday parties, weddings, etc.

What are the room rental prices?

There is a lot that goes into pricing depending upon the individual needs of each event. Please reach out for a facility rental application. This form with gather all of the information needed in order to provide a quote. Please ensure that you are requesting adequate setup (doors open) and cleanup (doors closed) time upon submitting your request. 

How does catering work?

We have a list of approved caterers that you are welcome to pick from to cater your event. If you don’t see your favorite caterer on the list, please reach out to see if we can accommodate you. All catering is contracted independently by the client but must be approved by the facility. We require a certificate of liability insurance from all caterers. This must be submitted at least 1 week prior to an event taking place.

What if I need additional setup time?

In order to guarantee early setup time the day before an event, a room rental fee will apply. Please reach out to the events assistant as soon as possible to ensure that we will be able to accommodate you. If your caterer needs additional setup time outside of your contracted time, please reach out to confirm availability.

Who handles clean up?

The client is responsible for removing and disposing of all items brought into the facility once the event concludes. All event spaces and tables should be cleared of any belongings or trash during your contracted clean up time. Please let us know if you wish to have a day porter to cover your cleaning needs during your event. We suggest utilizing a day porter for large events.

Please inform your caterer that they are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen and service hallway upon completing the event. They must be cleared out by the time your contracted cleanup time concludes. Catering pickups for any supplies used during an event must be scheduled during your contracted cleanup time as well.

Can I do a walkthrough before my event?

Walkthroughs are offered by appointment only. Please reach out to schedule a time to come out to the facility in order to ensure that the event space you are interested in seeing is not in use and available to tour. Give us a call at 831-772-7022 or send an email to salinascityctrevents@csumb.edu.

Hours of Operation

We are typically in the office Monday-Friday from 8-5 but this may change depending upon event needs. Please reach out ahead of time if you need any in-person assistance or would like to stop by for a walkthrough.

Certificate of Liability Insurance

We require a certificate of liability insurance from all renting parties, caterers, and vendors who provide services within the facility. Please reach out to an events assistant for the certificate requirements and a sample to send to your insurance provider.

Alcohol Service

We do permit alcohol service (Beer & Wine only) at CSUMB Salinas City Center. As an auxiliary to CSUMB, we are required to comply with the following University alcohol service policies:

  • Client must obtain a Daily License from the ABC Office. (This process can take up to 2 weeks.)
  • Client must hire their own Licensed Pourers and submit proof of LEAD or RBS Certification.
  • Client must obtain Security Services which are hired through the event assistant. Security must be on the premises 30 mins prior to event start and 30 mins after alcohol service has ended. We require 1 guard per 50 guests. Guards are booked at a 4 hr minimum per the security company. The cost for these services will be included in your quote & contract.

How does the room layout get designed and setup?

An events assistant will work with you to determine the best layout for your event. You will receive a room diagram to approve before your event.  Please be sure that you have considered how many tables you will need for guests, food & beverage as well as any materials that you might bring in for a presentation, display, etc., to avoid any additional charges for last minute changes.


We do not accept deliveries or store items unless prior arrangements have been made. Please note that we have very limited space to store items and event spaces are in use throughout the week. Special accommodations may be made for non-local clients and must be discussed and approved in advance.

*CSUMB Salinas City Center does not assume responsibility or liability for missed deliveries, damaged packages, etc.

Third-Party Vendor Setup

We ask that you schedule your deliveries to arrive during your contracted setup time while you are on-site to accept them. If your third-party vendor needs to drop off items prior to your arrival, you must get approval and coordinate this with an events assistant in advance. Use of event space for setup or storage will incur a room rental fee. Please take this into consideration upon booking and requesting setup and cleanup time for your event.

Do event attendees get access to the Steinbeck Museum while attending an event at CSUMB Salinas City Center?

The facility is owned and operated by the University Corporation at Monterey Bay and currently houses the National Steinbeck Center as a tenant. All guests who wish to visit the museum must pay the Steinbeck admission fee to enter the exhibition hall and tour the museum. Please note that the Steinbeck Museum and Bookstore is a separate entity that operates independently from CSUMB Salinas City Center. All Steinbeck related inquiries should be directed to 831-775-4721.