Empowering students to rise above it!

Recruitment In Science Education is a nonprofit, after school STEM enrichment and college preparatory program that serves first generation college bound high school students that come from low-income, underrepresented communities in Monterey Bay and Salinas areas. RISE operates under the Division of Science & Environmental Policy and University Corporation at Monterey Bay at California State University, Monterey Bay. RISE empowers students to RISE Above It!

Hands-on science activities

RISE high school students participate in more advanced scientific standards, field trips, and career exposure based curriculum. These curricula focus on hands-on approaches to various science fields, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental science, forensic science, marine science, physics and beyond! Students are also given opportunities to connect the sciences to the student's world and community. Field trips are a large component of the high school curriculum where students participate in science investigations, meet scientists, gain career knowledge, and provide services to their community.

Academic Workshops

Students are offered weekly academic workshops to help guide them on the college track through their years in high school. Students are also provided with internship opportunities, summer jobs, volunteer work, and academic tutoring.

rise science field trips

RISE students are given weekend field trip opportunities to connect the science contents they are learning in the classroom to real world careers and experiences. These field trips provide fun, yet educational experiences that help nurture the students' interest in the sciences.

Community Service

Community Service field trips provide students an opportunity to learn and feel a part of their community. These field trips also give students a chance to feel the influence they can have to change our world for the better.

University visits

Once a semester RISE students are given an opportunity to visit 4-year universities. In addition to a general campus tour, RISE students get the chance to meet and talk to university professors, students, and representatives that can showcase the various science departments, student life, and support programs that are offered at the university.

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