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RISE Alumni: where are you now?

Dear RISE Alumni,

RISE wants to learn more about where you went after graduating from RISE. Did you go to a community college and transfer to a 4 year university? Graduate from college? Are you in graduate school?

RISE staff will be contacting you in the upcoming weeks using a variety of methods (email, phone call, and social media). We kindly ask that you take time to fill out this google survey below so we can learn more about your journey after RISE. Keep on RISING above it!

Google Survey
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RISE Alumni Outreach Project

Receiving a request from Eddie Chavez on social media? Receiving a letter from RISE in the mail long after graduating from RISE? Don't fret! RISE is in the process of contacting all of our alumni. Our goal is to find out more about our past graduating classes. What have they been up to after graduating from RISE? Did they continue on with a STEM education? What services from RISE did they find most valuable? We want to find out more!

Before we can start asking you these questions, we need your updated contact information and a few signed documents. RISE staff are working to contact all alumni from 2006 to 2015.

Coming Soon

RISE students planning their next big adventure.

RISE students planning their next big adventure.

Welcome to the RISE website RISE family! We are currently working on updating the RISE website and making it a tool current and graduated RISE students use for their RISE needs.

Currently, the RISE website has NEW sections with:

An activities calendar were you can see the activities planned for the entire semester

A page where you can request your first year scholarship after enrolling in a community college/university.

A page where you can apply to renew your RISE scholarship.

A rise video gallery where you can look at cool RISE-related videos.

We are currently working on:

Adding a "past staff" page where you can look up past RISE staff members

Alumni network page where past RISE students can get in touch with each other

Contact RISE

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