How To Join Our Team

CSUMB Recreation is committed to student success through transformative change. We truly believe that people who work for us achieve higher levels of satisfaction in their college experience. The department is a student-driven organization with an emphasis on leadership development, health, and wellbeing.

Follow these steps to review and submit your application and resume to Recreation. Recreation typically hires in the spring semester in preparation for the fall. However, if a position should open up, your application will be taken into consideration as we move to fill that vacancy as needed.

1. Read Job Description

Follow this link and please take some time to read the job description, before submitting your application for the area or areas that you are interested in applying to.

2. Submit Application

  • Complete all application questions thoroughly and thoughtfully
  • Submit your cover letter and resume using the following format: LastName_Resume and LastName_CoverLetter
  • Visit Career Development's website for more information on creating a resume
  • Have I-9 documentation prepared and ready, should you be offered a position

3. Applications Reviewed

Completed application materials are reviewed by the hiring staff and applicants will be notified via email.

4. Interviews Conducted

For questions or accommodations, please email