University Police


The Records Division maintains reports and records for the Police Department, including storing information electronically for more efficient search and retrieval, redistributing information to enable over-the-counter service to citizens, statewide teletype service to support the department, and providing law enforcement officers with immediate access to this information.

Police report envelope

Basic records processing functions

  • Case Document Scanning/Archiving
  • Statistics Processing
  • Copy/Distribution Desk
  • Law Enforcement Agency Assistance
  • Public Records Assistance
  • Teletype Processing
  • Report Validation Services
  • Assembly of Prosecution Packages for DA Review and Court processing

Tasks performed

  • Report releases
  • Background checks for authorized Law Enforcement; Digital conversion of police documents
  • National and Statewide teletype services
  • Process requests for police reports, subpoenas, and records checks for public agencies and authorized private agencies, vehicle releases, audits, and evidence storage/adjudication

Release of vehicles

The vehicle will ONLY be released to the Registered Owner or Legal Owner or to their Agent. The Agent can be a representative of a business or can be appointed by the Registered Owner with a note/letter/ document with a NOTARIZED signature and seal.


  • Provide current Registration. If registration is expired, show proof of completed new registration or fees paid to DMV to obtain a One-Day Moving Permit (or Permit of Non-Operation to tow the vehicle).
  • Provide proof of current vehicle insurance.
  • The Registered Owner/Legal Owner/ Agent must present a VALID driver's license or bring a licensed driver along to drive the vehicle.
  • Provide a vehicle release fee of
    • $25.00 (payable by cash, check, or money order made out to CSUMB) for CSUMB affiliates (student, faculty, staff)
    • $100.00 (payable by cash, check, or money order made out to CSUMB) for CSUMB non-affiliates

Requests for police information

  • Fill out the Application for Police Information.
  • Turn the application into the Parking Office cashier at the CSUMB Police Department.
  • Provide a copy of a State/government-issued identification or CSUMB identification (if affiliated with the campus).

Application for Police Information


Phone: 831-582-3362
Fax: 831-582-3384