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Holiday Safety Tips 2016


Keep it a secret!

  • The first rule of thumb is to keep your holiday plans a secret. Although it is wise to let your closest friends and family member know your plans for the holiday season, it is best that only a limited number of people know that you will be out of town. The fewer people that know you will be away the better.
  • Definitely, don't post this information to social media places like Facebook or Twitter. Criminals tend to target apartments, homes, or even dorm rooms when they know that the occupants are away.
  • Be sure that you turn off electrical appliances in your dorm, apartment, or house. This will lower your electric bill and prevent any possible gas leaks or fires.
  • Lock up your doors and windows and do not allow anyone to stay in your apartment.
  • Although most of us can remember to lock the doors, it is so easy to forget to secure the windows. Locking the windows and doors will provide extra protection against burglars.
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Hide the valuables!

  • Put your valuables like rings, earrings, and other jewelry in a safe place.
  • If you stay in a dorm room, it is best to take your jewelry with you.
  • Laptops and video games should also go home for the holiday season.
  • Do not forget to hide important documents like social security cards, bank account pins, and other information. Criminals can use this information to steal your identity.
  • One of the safest places for your valuables is a safety deposit box. You can also purchase a small, fireproof safe in which to store your valuables.

Hold the mail

If you live in an apartment or off-campus housing, be sure to tell the post office to hold your mail or have one of your neighbors pick it up for you. A pile of mail left in the mailbox or on the steps of your apartment will signal that you are away. Sign up for Hold Mail Service through USPS.

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If you see a suspicious person or vehicle, please do not approach. Instead, call 9-1-1 or the non-emergency line at (831)655-0268 immediately and report the location and physical description of the suspect(s).

Want your apartment checked on by UPD while you're away? Submit an online request.