University Police

Bicycle Theft Prevention

The University Police Department takes several reports of bicycle theft each year. In the majority of the cases the bicycles were either not locked or the victims used a metal cable style lock.

Listed below are several precautions student can take to ensure the security of their property.

  • Keep a record of your bicycle serial number, which is usually located on the bottom of the frame between the petals.
  • If your bicycle does not have a serial number, mark your bicycle where your serial number would normally be by engraving your initials or a four-digit number of your choice.
  • Record your bicycle information in our Bicycle Registry in case you needed to report it as stolen.
  • Lock your bicycle using a strong, secure lock (U-Lock).
  • Secure the bicycle to a designated bicycle rack.
  • Be certain to secure both wheels.
  • If your bicycle is stolen, immediately contact the University Police in order to make a crime report.
How to Properly Lock Your Bicycle: