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When a student submits a late registration request in OASIS, the faculty member will receive an email notification. Faculty can approve or deny late registration requests by logging in to their OASIS Faculty Center or their administrative access to the student system and selecting Worklist.

Step 1

Login to OASIS 

Select OASIS from the CSUMB dashboard

From your Faculty Homepage select Faculty Center

Picture of CSUMB dashboard with OASIS call out
Late Reg Faculty homepage faculty center


Step 2

Select worklist

Select the Worklist tab in your Faculty Center



Worklist Faculty Center



Step 3

Click the link that starts with ADD to review each request

All late registration requests that require your review will appear in your worklist. Late registration requests will have “ADD” in the beginning of the link column before the student’s name.


Late Reg Faculty click ADD link


Step 4

Review the request

The class information and student information (including major and enrollment type) are included in the request and the student’s justification/reason for the request is at the bottom of the page. Note: If the request is to change into a different section of a course the student is already enrolled in (called a swap), then the Swap from box will appear on the request. The Swap from box includes details about the section the student wants to drop. 

Late registration requests will automatically be flagged to override certain enrollment restrictions when submitted. Instructor approval of the late registration request will override requisites, closed class, and instructor or department consent for each request. If you do not wish to override these items, please deny the request.

Late Reg Faculty Review


Step 5

Approve or deny the request

If you approve the request, it will be routed for department and college approvals next. If approved by the department and the college, it will route to the Office of the Registrar for processing and student notification.

If you deny the request, you will need to provide a comment. Reasons to deny a request include: the class is full, the student has not met the requisites for enrollment, etc.


Late Reg Faculty approve deny
Late Reg Faculty add comment



Request processing

If the instructor and the department/college offering the course both approve the late registration ADD request, the Office of the Registrar will attempt to add the student to the class. If no restrictions prevent the student from being added to the class, the request will be processed, and the student and instructor will both receive an email notification. If a late registration SWAP request is approved, the Office of the Registrar will drop the section the student is currently enrolled in and add them to the new section at the same time. The student will not be officially enrolled until the student and instructor receive a notification that the late registration request was successful.

Once the student is added to the class, they will be included on the class roster on the OASIS Faculty Center.