Classes and Planning

Contest a grade

You have the right to appeal your final course grade if you have reason to believe that the grade is based on any of the grounds set out in section 4.00 of the Grade Appeal Policy.

Prior to filing a grade appeal, the student shall make every attempt to resolve the grade dispute with the instructor and/or at the Department and College level through the informal processes established by the Department and College. A student shall initiate the appeal process as soon as an informal resolution to the dispute has failed and no later than 30 calendar days from the beginning of the subsequent Fall or Spring semester.

For more information, please see the Grade Appeal policy.

Grade changes

Other than the change of an incomplete (ā€œIā€) or report in progress (RP), a change of grading symbol can be made only in the case of clerical error or an administrative grading error.

Students seeking to challenge final course grades based on other grounds shall follow the policy and procedures set out in the Grade Appeals Policy.

Grade changes can only be requested by instructors, chairs, or deans and grade adjustments are not permitted once a student has graduated.