What is Open U?

Open University is a program offered through California State University, Monterey Bay College of Extended Education.

Through Open U, you can take CSUMB courses for credit, personal enrichment, or career advancement without the formal university admission process. Classes can be taken on a space-available and instructor approval basis.

Open University is available during the Fall and Spring terms. Community members may also take classes during Summer and Winter terms by following a different registration process.

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Open University

Important dates

See CSUMB Academic Calendar for full schedule including holidays.

The following are key dates for Open University:

Spring 2018

Date Description
January 22 First day of instruction - first day to register for Open University
February 2 Last day to add/drop classes
May 11 Last day of instruction
After May 29 Grades posted to student accounts
Summer 2018 Dates

Why take classes through Open U?


Begin working towards a degree

Open University provides a point of entry for those who have missed the admissions deadline, desire to improve their grade point average, or want to jumpstart (or re-start) their degree.

Marine Science

Sample a field or possible career

If a career change is in your future, Open University will allow you to explore a new field before enrolling in a degree program, and to gain the critical knowledge needed to pursue a new path.

Art class

Update your skills

Not interested in a degree at this time? Courses available through Open University allow you to update your professional skills or simply engage in personal growth.

How does Open U work?

  • Admission to the university is not necessary.
  • Enrollment is based on space availability, instructor approval and fulfillment of prerequisites.
  • Instructors are not permitted to sign forms before the first day of class, when they are able to determine space availability. You can check likelihood of space availability by clicking on classes within the course schedule.
  • The fees are the same, whether you are a California resident or out-of-state student ($280/unit + $39 campus fee).
  • Up to 24 semester units of credit taken through Open University may be applied towards a baccalaureate degree at CSUMB.
  • Up to 9 semester units of credit taken through Open University may be applied toward a graduate (credential) degree.
  • Students who were denied entry to CSUMB may take courses through Open University, and are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to fulfill prerequisites and/or raise their GPA.
  • CSUMB students that have been Academically Disqualified may take courses through Open University to improve their GPA or repeat classes. Students are encouraged to review the campus Repeat Policy and request an Exception from Advising and the Department Chair prior to the first day of class, if necessary.
  • If you are an international student, please visit International Programs for options on attending CSUMB.

Contact Open U

(831) 582-5159



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