Upcoming Events

MPA Winter Concert 2017
  • Master Class- Gary Meek, Master Woodwind and Pianist Performer ~~September 19th @7pm in the Music Hall Room 100
  • Master Class- John Nava & The Latin Jazz Collective, ~~September 28th @7pm in the Music Hall Room 100
  • Master Class- Patience Munjeri, Zimbabwean Mbira performer ~~October 10th @7pm in the Music Hall Room 100
  • Master Class- Marine Corps Jazz Orchestra ~~October 12th @7pm in the Music Hall Room 100
  • WINTER CONCERT~~December 2nd @ 3PM in the World Theater
  • PIANO RECITAL~~December 10th at 6PM in the Music Hall
  • VOCAL RECITAL~~December 8th at 7PM in the Music Hall AND December 9th at 5PM in the Music Hall

About MPA

The Music and Performing Arts Department (MPA) is an integral part of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science. The current program provides students foundations in theory, history and performance leading to concentrations in Recording Technology and Contemporary Music. Students collaborate within the college in a wide variety of productions and participate in Service Learning programs within their community.

Students seeking a Bachelors of Arts degree in music can look forward to a variety of learning experiences with particular emphasis on the fact that all forms of art are interdisciplinary collaborations among artists. At the core of our collaborations are applied music and new technologies working together to enhance individual creativity.

The MPA Department brings together musicians, composers, singers, visual artists, actors, choreographers and others together to work, learn, create, and perform using new tools and technologies. MPA is on the cutting edge in training students to take their place as musicians, singers recording engineers and technicians, in areas of performance and production. The goal of the MPA Department is to prepare students for professional careers in a rapidly changing technological industry.

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