Information Technology

Lost or Stolen Devices Reporting Procedure

This procedure provides guidelines designed for the reporting of last/stolen University information technology assets.

Comments or feedback on this standard should be directed to The Office of the Chief Information Officer at (831) 582-4700.


This procedure applies to all University and CSUMB Corporation owned fixed and portable computing devices.

If you need to report lost or stolen electronic media or a computing device, please follow the steps below.

Reporting lost devices

  1. Contact the Director of Technology Support Services. Provide the Director of Technology Support Services with the location where the device was lost and asset information.
  2. Determine if you lost confidential or sensitive data - In order to document whether or what confidential/sensitive data may have been exposed, consider what kind of information was stored on your computer or device. Determine if any legally protected, contractually restricted, or CSUMB confidential information was stored or handled on the computer or device. If so, notify these entities. If you believe that any sensitive data existed, notify the Chief Information Officer immediately.
  3. Submit an IT service ticket to report the loss to the Information Technology. The problem type is Hardware > Lost/Stolen Device. If you are unable to submit a service ticket, call the IT Help Desk at (831) 582-4357 to report the loss.
  4. Report the loss to the CSUMB Property department with the police case number (or a copy of the report if available) and asset information.
  5. Employees should notify their manager of the loss.

Roles and responsibilities

Any employee that is the assigned custodian of a University-owned asset that is lost/stolen is responsible for following the reporting procedure.

The Director of Technology Support Services will review/investigate all reported lost or stolen devices to determine potential data loss.

IT will update their asset records and check the status of the device in an attempt to find, recover, or render the device inoperative.

Property will validate the age, value, asset and serial numbers of lost or stolen devices and update their records.

Revision control

This standard will be subject to revision in response to changes in technology, regulatory compliance, and/or CSUMB operational initiatives.

Last reviewed/updated

06/21/2019 by Chip Lenno, CIO/ISO