Information Technology

About Information Technology

Network Services

The Department of Network Services supports the computer networks, server systems and telecommunications environments as well as their cabling and wireless pathways.

Services we support:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Outdoor WiFi connectivity
  • Single Sign-On
  • Telephone & voicemail
  • East Campus cable modem internet service
  • Television broadcasts
  • Data center operations
  • Virtual private network

Solutions we provide:

  • Connecting devices to the internet
  • Logging in to campus systems
  • Communicating via telephone systems
  • Watching campus events on Channel 72

Business units:

  • Network Engineering
  • Network Operations
  • Network Pathways
  • Telecommunications 
  • Broadcasting

Network Engineering

Network Engineering maintains the campus firewalls, wireless network, and all routers and switches that allow the campus community to use the CSUMB network securely.

We manage the physical network that handles all of your voice, data, and video connections across CSUMB. Our campus has dual redundant 10 Gigabit connections to the Internet and wireless WiFi access in all university buildings

Network Operations

Network Operations manages two data centers, with 300+ servers/ systems, and supports approximately 400 Terabytes of shared storage for our students, faculty and staff.

Network Pathways

Network Pathways is responsible for the miles of cable behind the faceplate in your office or dorm room, as well as the telecommunications cables underground on campus, the campus cable TV system and the East Campus Cable Modem System.


Telecommunications is responsible for all the campus phones, the phone switch (PBX), voice mail system, contact centers, access to the global Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN), and cell carrier networks.


Our Broadcast team delivers live-streams and broadcasts for over 100 sporting events, performances, and special events a year via the Internet and Campus TV system.

It also provides over 120 TV channels for the residence halls, campus buildings, and east campus community.