Human Resources

Health Plan Options

CSU health benefits for State employees are administered by the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS). Several health plans, including exclusive provider organizations (EPOs), health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and preferred provider organizations (PPOs), are offered by CalPERS.

Currently the following plans are available to CSUMB employees:

  • Anthem Blue Cross - PERS Gold (PPO)
  • Anthem Blue Cross - PERS Platinum (PPO)
  • Anthem Blue Cross - PORAC (PPO) (Unit 8 only)
  • Anthem Blue Cross - Select HMO (certain areas only)
  • Anthem Blue Cross - Traditional HMO (certain areas only)
  • Anthem Blue Cross - EPO California (Restricted to Del Norte county)
  • Blue Shield Access+ (HMO) (certain areas only)
  • Blue Shield Access+ EPO California (certain areas only)
  • Blue Shield NetValue California (HMO) (certain areas only)
  • Blue Shield Trio (HMO)
  • Health Net Smartcare (HMO)
  • Kaiser Permanente California (HMO) (certain areas only)
  • Kaiser Permanente - Out of State (HMO)
  • UnitedHealthCare Alliance HMO California
  • United Healthcare Harmony (HMO)
  • Western Health Advantage (HMO)

Please note: HMOs and EPOs have specific service areas and are not accessible in certain counties.

Please utilize the CalPERS Health Plan Search to find out which health plans you are eligible to enroll in by specifying your zip code and selecting the appropriate plan year.

Each plan varies in coverage and cost; therefore, it is essential that you consider your personal and family needs before making a selection. An Evidence of Coverage Booklet will be mailed to you upon enrollment in a health plan. You may also view and download the Evidence of Coverage (EOC) booklet from each provider's website.

Tax Advantage Premium

Benefit-eligible employees are automatically enrolled in the Tax Advantage Premium Plan. This program allows you to pay required health plan premiums from your salary on a pre-tax basis. Premiums for the coverage you have selected will be deducted each month from your salary before federal and state income and Social Security/Medicare taxes are calculated and deducted. This means you will not pay taxes on those premiums-they are converted to tax-free expenses. If you do not wish to participate, contact Payroll Services.