Human Resources

The Foundations of Trust

July 31, 2023

Integrity, Accountability, and Mutual Respect are foundational for building trust in professional and personal relationships. Trust is critical for organizational success.

This month we focused on the CSUMB value of Integrity, Accountability, and Mutual Respect and how to develop those characteristics. We learned that people with integrity are seen as trustworthy and reliable because they demonstrate high honesty, ethics, and transparency in their actions and interactions with others. Accountability refers to taking responsibility for one's actions, decisions, and consequences. Mutual Respect means treating others with dignity, valuing their contributions, and recognizing their rights and boundaries. All of these characteristics working in concert, support a strong foundation of trust.

Brené Brown defines the building block of trust as:

  • B - Boundaries 
  • R - Respect
  • A - Accountability
  • V - Vault 
  • I - Integrity
  • N - Non-judgement
  • G - Generosity

Check out this ~10 minute video where she describes this framework of trust.

Brené Brown / The ANATOMY of TRUST

Having a solid foundation of trust will empower the university to better support the success of our students. That is where we are going next month. Watch this space.