Welcome to the College of Education

On behalf of our faculty and staff, I’d like to welcome you to the new College of Education at

Cal State Monterey Bay (CSUMB). I hope you will enjoy exploring our newly revamped website and that you will find the information you are seeking.

The College of Education was founded Summer 2014 but we have long-standing programs that have been a part of CSUMB since its founding in 1994. We currently offer programs for aspiring teachers but our goal is to become a regional comprehensive College of Education that addresses the needs of education professionals in our Tri-County service area (Monterey, Santa Cruz, & San Benito), the Central Coast, and the state. Some of our programs are delivered fully online, others use a hybrid model of course delivery as well as traditional face-to-face courses. Our Credential and Masters programs use a cohort model that supports a learning community for students. Our Liberal Studies program provides a clear pathway for undergraduate students who aspire to become elementary teachers. All faculty who teach in the College of Education are experienced practitioners who are committed to their students’ success.

The vision and mission statements below were crafted by members of the College of Education Sub Committee charged with finalizing the Vision and Mission statements. Their work was based on the products that resulted from a series of Sub Committee and College-wide strategic planning meetings as well as conversations with key community stakeholders.


Through collaborative leadership and practices, the College of Education prepares highly qualified, culturally responsive professionals who serve, engage, and transform communities and schools to promote equity and social justice.


The College of Education prepares innovative scholar-practitioners who implement evidence-based practices to promote lifelong learning.

Core values

The College of Education is committed to:

  • Culturally responsive and inclusive approaches
  • Preparing technologically savvy practitioners
  • Reflective teaching, research, and scholarship
  • Ethical standards
  • Investing in and supporting the success of both individuals and communities
  • Continuous program improvement
  • Offering rigorous academic programs

Next Steps:

College of Education faculty, staff, and students will continue their work in a series of strategic planning meetings that will focus on developing strategic goals and objectives. These goals and objectives will ultimately drive future direction and resource allocations for the College of Education.

On behalf of CSUMB and the new College of Education, I'd like to give a special thanks to Dr. Pat Tinsley-McGill for her amazing contributions in facilitating our strategic planning meetings. Additionally, this work cannot be done without the hard work of every single person who who contributed their time and energy to this important work. Thanks. Mil Gracias!

As we proceed in our strategic planning, we will continue to engage all faculty and staff as well as key community stakeholders to ensure that our work remains vibrant and relevant in addressing the needs of our community.CSUMB College of Education programs have a distinctive reputation for innovation and excellence. I encourage you to explore the program information available on the department websites, or click on these links to learn more about the specific program:

The College of Education is committed to serving the schools and communities in our region and beyond. The Education & Leadership Department houses the Center for Reading Diagnosis and Instruction (Reading Center) that focuses on reading assessment, instruction, research, and professional development related to reading and literacy development. The Reading Center serves as a training site for pre-service students enrolled in the various programs we offer at Cal State Monterey Bay. The Reading Center provides service to the local community through a range of diagnostic & tutorial services related to reading. It also links with schools and community based organizations to support ongoing literacy efforts.

While we take pride in the quality of our programs, the success of our students, and our impact on education at the regional and state levels, the College maintains a commitment to continuous program improvement to address the needs of our region. As a new College of Education, we are in the process of developing a strategic plan that is focused on achieving the aspirational vision to “prepare highly-qualified ethical, compassionate, and culturally responsive professional and leaders who serve and transform communities and schools to promote equity and social justice.” Once strategic initiatives are developed, we will post the detailed plans and information on our website so please check back often for updates.

Whether you are a prospective or current student, a College of Education alumnus, a professional colleague, or a community member or supporter, we welcome your inquiries and your feedback.

Mil Gracias,

Jose Luis Alvarado, Ph.D.


College of Education

Cal State Monterey Bay


Phone: (831) 582-5170

Email: coe@csumb.edu