Student Activities & Leadership Development facilitates the administrative function of student organization recognition and events they host. The purpose of student organizations is to complement and extend the learning activities of students outside the classroom. Interested students may participate in club activities to expand an existing interest, experiment with new activities, or gain leadership experience by becoming more involved in clubs.

CSUMB recognizes over 100 student organizations! Being recognized means you have access to reserve classrooms, conference rooms, and other venues on campus. You also have multiple funding options if your club wants to run an event or activity. In addition to financial support, you have student and staff resources to help to run events on campus.

Student clubs offer an excellent way to meet others, develop leadership skills, deepen specific interests and concerns, and become part of the experiences that lay the foundation of our university and help fulfill its Vision. By becoming involved, your time at CSUMB will become more meaningful, productive, and enjoyable, and you will enhance your learning outside of the classroom.

Open to all members of the CSUMB community including staff and faculty, student organizations enrich our campus life through events, programs, activities, projects, and service. We have clubs that have many focuses, including specific academic, community service, cultural, political/social action, recreations, religious, and sports clubs.

In short, CSUMB organizations are diverse and very active, so our campus offers countless ways to be involved!

CSUMB has 24 Sports Clubs and 82 Student Clubs.


List of clubs

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Student Organization Events

  • February 23
    Feb 23

    Origami Making

    4:00pm to 6:00pm

    Origami Making is a Japanese Art of paper folding. Members have the opportunity to practice and sharpen their skills in paper folding.

  • February 28
    Feb 28

    How to Start a Club

    12:00pm to 1:30pm

    Interested in starting a student organization on campus? Come and learn about the process here! Required for all new club registrations.

  • March 3
    Mar 3

    Ottering not Othering: Inclusive Leadership Retreat

    10:00am to 1:00pm

    Leaders are able to motivate, inspire, and learn from all people--even those who are different from themselves. Come to this half-day retreat to gain skills to develop your own inclusive leadership skills! Lunch will be provided.

  • March 9
    Mar 9

    Sushi Making

    4:00pm to 6:00pm

    Join Japan Club in Sushi Making! Sushi Making allows members to learn how to create one of the known food dishes in Japan: Sushi