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Instructional Materials

As of August, 2008, upon completion of the CSUMB plan for instructional materials accessibility, the CSUMB Instructional Materials Accessibility Planning (IMAP) group was transformed to the role of an Advisory Group (IMAG) reporting through the Senate Technology Committee.


  • Original CSU Instructional Materials Accessibility Planning page (timeline, reporting, FAQ's, tools and resources)
  • Per ATI guidance, the CSUMB instructional materials accessibility plan should be evaluated and revised as needed on a yearly basis or as warranted.


The guiding principles for CSUMB Instructional Materials Accessibility are:

  • Accommodation: for students and faculty through the services of Student Disability Resources (SDR), the Center for Academic Technologies (CAT), and actions by faculty and staff; third-party tools will also be procured and enhanced as they become available.
  • Proactive: professional development and support through the CSU, SDR, CAT, and TLA
  • Inclusiveness: shared responsibilities and benefits for students, faculty, administration, and external publishers
  • Accountability: action, transparency

Identify issues and challenges related to instructional materials.

Develop a workflow which fits within the timeline as specified in EO 926 which addresses:

  • Faculty workload
  • Faculty professional development and support
  • Academic freedom
  • Timely identification of instructional materials
  • Evaluation and retrofit of instructional materials
  • Develop the process for new course 508 compliance

Monitor developments in assistive technology standards, tools, and systems as they related to our web-enabled programs and services.

Coordinate presentations and events to facilitate the exchange of knowledge about projects and planned developments as they relate to the Web and assistive technology services.