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The purpose of the Associated Students (AS) Capstone Grant is to assist full time CSUMB students with their Capstone projects in specified fields of study by reimbursing a portion of their capstone expenses. An eligible recipient can be awarded up to $300 reimbursement for qualifying expenses (additional funding may be awarded if Capstone Grant budget allows, at the discretion of the Committee of the Colleges).

Eligibility for the 2018 AS Capstone Grant


  • Must be a currently enrolled student at CSUMB in good standing.
  • 2.5 grade point average (GPA) and must not be on probation of any kind.
  • Must be enrolled in a capstone course for the Fall 2018 semester as a full time student (12 units for undergraduate students, 6 units for graduate students).
  • Must not have any outstanding balances owed to AS.
  • Must submit an itemized, Estimated Budget Expense Form.
  • If awarded, original, itemized receipts must be submitted.

*A student who has already received a capstone scholarship from the Alumni Association is not eligible to receive the AS Capstone Grant.*


Grant funds must be used for purposes that align with the CSUMB vision statement or the mission statement of Associated Students. Funds cannot be used for projects that are unrelated to these statements. Grant funds cannot be used to purchase or support any drugs, alcohol, illegal substances, or activities. The grant funds can only be utilized for materials required for the project itself. Certain restrictions do apply, such as travel expenses related to the capstone project. Students associated with or employed by Associated Students are not eligible to be awarded the AS Capstone Grant.

For more clarification, please contact Antonio Hernandez.

Application Process

Applications are available in the front desk of the Student Center and in the AS Offices, Room 125 and Room 109 of the Student Center. All documents must be fully completed and submitted to Lauren Patron-Castro, AS Office and Services Coordinator, in the Student Center, Room 109 by Thursday, October 25, 2018 by 5:00pm to be considered as a priority application*.

All applications must be submitted no later than the final deadline on Friday, November 2, 2018 by 5:00pm to be considered for capstone reimbursement.

* Priority deadline applicants will receive first consideration.

Required Application Materials

  1. AS Capstone Grant application form
  2. 1-2 page paper (double spaced 12pt font) describing your capstone project and how this grant will help pay for the expense.
  3. Itemized Estimated Budget expense form
  4. Unofficial Transcript
  5. Completed Faculty Sign-Off form signed by one capstone professor or faculty member familiar with your capstone project

AS Capstone Grant Application Form

Download the Itemized Estimated Budget Expense Form below!

Itemized Estimated Budget Expense Form

Itemized Estimated Budget Expense Form (Sample)

Description of Item Quantity Unit Cost Total
Write the name of the item you are requesting to
have refunded. You can include the name of the store you will purchase
or have purchased the items from, but you must also include the actual
item name. Be specific; we will not accept category titles, such as "office
supplies" or "art supplies." Break it down into items, such as paper, tape,
pens, etc.
Write the number of the items that you will purchase or have
Write the cost of one unit of each item. For example, the cost
of only one copy, or only one box of paper clips.
Quantity * Cost
Final Calculated Total
I verify the above budget expense form accurately describes
the estimated costs I am seeking reimbursement for. If awarded,
I will submit all itemized receipts for each listed item above to
Lauren Patron-Castro at the Student Center room 109 by the
necessary deadline. If I fail to do so, I understand I will not
receive reimbursement for my capstone project, regardless of
being previously identified as a Capstone Grant recipient.

Download the Faculty Sign-off Form Below!

Faculty Sign-Off Form