About Us

Mission Statement

The Associated Students of California State University, Monterey Bay is an organization that seeks to serve, empower, and represent students in all areas of student concern.

We seek to uphold our university’s commitment to its Vision Statement in providing higher education to the “diverse people of California, especially the working class, historically undereducated and low-income populations,” by advocating for affordable tuition and fees, and ensuring that student support services remain available as a means to ensure student retention and completion of higher education degrees.

Acknowledging the university’s commitment “to meet statewide and regional needs, specifically those involving both inner-city and isolated rural populations, and needs relevant to communities in the immediate Tri-County region (Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties),” we recognize the necessity of being able to confront issues that extend beyond our campus community.

We will engage in an active role in the decisions, actions, and affairs of our university through advocacy and equitable governance.

AS Goals

AS Goals Flyer
  1. Expand AS college affordability efforts such as the Capstone Grants, Legacy Scholarships, and Food Pantry to alleviate barriers students face when getting their degree.
  2. Promote social justice and advocate for inclusivity on campus through outreach to and support of the cultural and identity groups to ensure proper representation of all students on campus.
  3. Continue zero-waste programming efforts and create a paperless office and organizational culture to set the example for the rest of the campus and promote sustainability


Members of AS getting inducted


Members of AS advocating for student funds at the State Capitol.


Midnight Madness

Organizational Structure

AS Organizational Structure