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Online Learning Plans

We are moving all CSUMB student's Learning Plans online beginning in Fall 2017. With our new Learning Plans, you'll be able to view, edit and share them at any time, right from your OASIS Student Center!

Who can use Online Learning Plans?

Online Learning Plans are only available for students seeking their undergraduate (i.e. bachelor's) degree.

All majors are now live!

What is a Learning Plan?

Learning Plans are your four year or two year roadmaps to graduate. They list all of the courses you will take each semester. Students make their initial learning plans online. Then you can share them with your academic advisor to make sure you're making the best choices.

Learning Plan overview screen
Your Learning Plan is more than just a schedule of courses, It's your "big picture" view of how close you are to graduating.

How do I make My Learning Plan?

That's the best part! Your Learning Plan will automatically generate for you when you first login. Our "smart planner" technology will make you a personalized plan, taking into account:

  • Any remediation you need
  • Your existing transfer credit
  • Your concentration
  • Course availability

Once you look at your initial plan, you can refine it based on your preferences:

edit unit preferences screen
You can change your plans based on the units you want to take each semester.
planner drag and drop screen
Drag and drop classes from one term to another. And don't worry about making mistakes, your Learning Plan will always warn you if you plan courses in the wrong terms.
  • Choose your classes when there are multiple options for a requirement
  • Add summer or winter terms
  • Take more or fewer units per semester
  • Declare concentrations
  • Add or remove individual courses

Your Learning Plan will also help you avoid taking courses out of order or overloading on units. It will even add additional courses if your major doesn't have enough courses. Have more questions? Contact your advisor.

Center for Advising, Career & Student Success

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