Guides & Tools

There are many online tools students can use to make advising easier. From making online appointments with advisors, to building your custom schedule. We have all the information to get you started.

Browsing the Web Schedule

The web schedule is a detailed list of all the courses that are offered in upcoming terms. You will use this to check course prereqs, units, times, locations, and instructors

Choosing Classes: Freshmen

Although no two students are the same, there are some basic course recommendations we make for most Freshmen.

Choosing Classes: Transfers

Transfer students start by checking what requirements they've already met. Then, you can use the CSUMB catalog to plan your first semester.

OASIS Academic Requirements Page

The Academic Requirements Page is a personalized graduation checklist. It will tell you everything about your degree requirements, no setup required. It can also show you the courses that can complete any missing requirements.

Schedule Planner

The schedule planner lets you enter in courses you want to take next semester, and creates a schedule for you. It will show you all possible schedules and let you compare them. You can also enter in breaks and times you're not available. You can even load your schedule strait into your shopping cart!

Making an Online Appointment

OASIS Student Center

You can quickly make an appointment with an advisor without even calling. Give them notes for prep, get confirmation emails, even same day reminders.

We get it, the Student Center can be intimidating. Let Madelyn walk you through this powerful tool that will help with everything from financial aid to class registration.