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Web Services is dedicated to creating an online experience that makes sense and is as painless as possible for the user by making online content easy to find and easy to understand.

Website Assistance

To report a website issue or to request editing access, assistance with editing, search results or your site structure, please submit a Web Services ticket.

Submit a Web Services ticketSchedule a 30 minute working session

Website tips

  • Best practices for links

    When linking text on a webpage, you should always make sure the links are descriptive links. This means the words that are linked describe the destination of the link. This increases usability by helping users quickly determine where a link will take them. It also allows those using assistive technologies such as screen readers to navigate the page using links.

  • Simple website clean up

    It is always a good thing to go through and clean up your site especially since some pages haven't been touched in over three years. Here are some simple tasks that you can perform to clean up your site.

  • Dashboard: Event vs Messages

    We have received feedback from users regarding events on the dashboard not being true events. To help remedy this issue, we recommend reviewing the following information:

  • Editing access for new staff

    If you have a new staff member who needs editing access we are streamlining the process with a basic version of the editor. This will reduce the wait time for a new employee to gain access as well as remove extra features that require additional training.

Web Services

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