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Vacation is an accrued benefit which provides time off with pay with management pre-approval. Vacation is accrued following completion of a qualifying month of service. A qualifying month of service consists of 11 days or more of pay in a pay period for full-time and part-time employees. Accruals earned after 11 days of pay cannot be used until the first day of the following pay period. For intermittent employees, a qualifying month of service consists of 160 hours.

The amount of accrual is based on the employee's time base, i.e. full-time = full rate; part-time = pro-rata; intermittent = full-time rate after a month of qualifying service.

Schedule of vacation rate increases (Based on full time)

Length of Service Monthly Allowance \(in hours\) Annual Allowance \(in days\)
1-36 months \(3 years\)6.6710
37-72 months \(6 years\)1015
73-120 months \(10 years\)11.3317
121-180 months \(15 years\)12.6719
181-240 months \(20 years\)1421
241-300 months \(25 years\)15.3323
301 months and over1624
Flat rate1624

To be eligible to use vacation, an employee must be in active status (not on Leave Without Pay or working a 10/12 month or 11/12 month off schedule). Vacation may be used in increments of 1/2 hour (nonexempt only).

All employees eligible to earn vacation (represented and non-represented) may accumulate unused vacation hours provided that, on December 31; the following limits are not exceeded:

Vacation maximums group length of service vacation maximum (in hours)

Group Length of Service Vacation Maximum \(in hours\)
R01, R06, R0810 years or less272
R01, R06, R08More than 10 years384
R02, R03, R04, R05, R07, & R0910 years or less320
R02, R03, R04, R05, R07, & R09More than 10 years440
Confidential10 years or less384
ConfidentialMore than 10 years440
Management10 years or less384
ManagementMore than 10 years440
PresidentRegardless of service480
Other non-representedContact Payroll Services

Upon separation from state service, employees are entitled to a lump-sum vacation payment. Employees who move to an academic-year position or to a position in which vacation credits are neither accrued nor used are entitled to receive a lump-sum payment for the balance at the time of the appointment to the other position. Employees leaving CSU to go to another state agency in which vacation credits are accrued and used differently are entitled to receive a lump-sum payment for the balance at the time of separation.

Employees who separate and move to another campus or non-CSU position within state service may be allowed to carry over a mutually agreed upon vacation balance. (Note: mutually agreed implies agreement between the employee and new employer.) The information provided here does not represent complete details about these leave benefits and their effect, if any, on your service credit, status, benefits, and pay. Benefit programs are subject to change.

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