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Resident Director

A Resident Director of The California State University International Programs is a full-time, tenured or tenure-track faculty member holding a teaching or administrative appointment on a CSU campus who is appointed to provide academic, administrative, and fiscal supervision of an overseas study center, under the direction of the Director of International Programs.


Resident Directors are appointed by the Director of International Programs with the concurrence of the appointee’s campus administration. Appointments are normally made for a period of one year or one academic year. Appointments are subject to funding by the State of California and The California State University through its Board of Trustees and Chancellor's Office. To allow Resident Directors ample time after appointment to prepare for their tenure abroad, they are appointed as far in advance of their service overseas as possible—usually a year.


Resident Directors receive from their home campuses their current salaries on a 12-month, or academic year (Israel and Japan), scale plus approximately 10% for overseas location. The 10% differential is designed partially to compensate the Resident Director for those special expenses associated with overseas service. No additional source of compensation for such expenses is provided.

Travel expenses from California to the study center and return, plus an allowance for program-related local travel expense, are paid by the Office of the Chancellor. There is no travel allowance for spouses or dependents. Resident Directors are entitled to a maximum of seven days per diem while locating housing.

  • Faculty member is usually appointed to RD position in the Summer before the beginning of the next Academic Year. Faculty member will receive two paychecks in this case.
  • Example: If faculty member is appointed to RD position as of August, 1, or before the beginning of the Academic year, then the faculty member will receive a paycheck for AY appointment and also the RD appointment in August.
  • Vacation is accrued at 16 hours each month in the RD position, and must be used during appointment period. Vacation balances will not be carried forward into subsequent Academic Year appointment. Unused sick leave balances will be retained.
  • At the end of RD appointment, when faculty member converts back to Academic Year position, pay and benefits may be affected.
  • Example 1: The RD appointment ends June 30th . There will not be a paycheck for the months of July and August. Benefits would not be covered for months of August and September. First paycheck for the Academic Year appointment will be September pay period (usually paid September 30 or October 1) and benefits will be effective October 1. Please contact the benefits department to coordinate payment of health benefits premiums during this period.
  • Example 2: The RD appointment ends August 15th . Paycheck will be prorated for the month of August and benefits will continue without disruption.


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