Part-Time/Seasonal/Temporary Retirement Plan (PST)

The federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1990 requires that all public employees who are not members of a retirement system be covered either by a qualified retirement plan or by Social Security. In response to this legislation, the CSU established the Part-time/Seasonal/Temporary (PST) Retirement Plan for certain CSU employees who do not meet the eligibility requirements for participation in CalPERS. This plan is administered by the Department of Personnel Administration.

Read the latest PST Retirement News for more information about the program.


You are covered under the PST Retirement Plan if you do not meet the eligibility requirements for membership in CalPERS and are not covered by Social Security under a CSU position.


Your contributions are tax deferred and are based on 7.5 percent of gross salary. The university does not provide a contribution. Individual account statements are provided once each year, usually during August. For more information, please read this PST Fact Sheet.

When you retire or separate

You are eligible for a distribution after you retire or separate from all state employment. When you separate from State service:

  • You can—and should—close your account. You’re eligible to withdraw your full account balance 90 days after the last transaction posts into or out of your account.
  • Information about your payment options is online at or by calling (855) 616-4SPN (4776).