TRIO Student Support Services

Student Stories

The best way to learn about SSS is to get to know our students! While there are many, many stories and accomplishments we could highlight, here is a small peek into the life and experiences of a TRIO student.

2019: Graduate School Tour, Boston

What students had to say:

  • "The most rewarding part of the grad school tour was being able to meet with first generation students and professors are big institutions. Being told the stories of their journey was very inspiring."
  • "The three most consistent themes I heard over and over are the importance of having mentors, having the necessary support systems, and most importantly understanding your worth as a student of color while using that privilege to pave the way for others to do the same. Once you make the climb, leave the ladder down for others."

2018: McNair Research Conference, University of Maryland

Six TRIO students visiting the US Capitol during the 2018 McNair Conference

"If I learned anything from this conference, it is that we can do anything we set our mind to. Here I was, already coming so far in my educational journey and I was limiting myself and my capacity to complete future educational goals. I had already shut down even the possibility of me pursuing a PhD program. I am now inspired and encouraged to be open-minded to opportunities and never underestimate my own skills and abilities." - Rebekah, Psychology major, Class of 2018

TRIO Legacy Award

The TRIO Legacy Award honors a graduating CSUMB TRIO SSS or SSS STEM-HS student who, throughout their college career, has demonstrated the values central to TRIO: persistence, resilience, growth, and determination. Throughout their time at CSUMB, these students have sought academic and personal excellence, as well as ways to give back to their communities and peers.