Student Conduct

Illegal Downloading

CSUMB requires all users of our computer and network facilities to comply with federal and state laws related to these services, including those that protect copyrights. Detailed information can be found in The Acceptable Use of Computing and Information Technology Resources Policy. A number of organizations and companies, are actively protecting their copyrighted works, including music and video. They have the capability to trace alleged infringements of those copyrights to individual network address. They can and have initiated legal action against individuals they believe have violated these copyrights. The potential impact upon violators can be significant.

If an organization traces a potential violation to a network address managed by CSUMB they may notify the University. We will take action as indicated in our Acceptable Use policy and as outline in Illegal Electronic File Sharing and Protection of Electronic Copyrighted Material - Executive Order 999. In most cases we will forward information from these organizations to an individual that we identify as associated with that network address. We will only provide personal information associated with a particular address with a lawfully executed subpoena.

Do not download, or share, copyrighted information in violation of applicable laws and campus policies. Do not allow others to use your computer for activities that are not allowed under CSUMB policies or various laws.