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Academic Integrity

Cheating among college students appears to have become the norm in U.S. society. Research indicates that more than 70% of U.S. college students plagiarize writing assignments (Tyre 2001). To address the issue at CSUMB, the Academic Integrity Policy is in place.

To report incidents of academic dishonesty use the Academic Integrity Violation Report Form or contact the Student Conduct Administrator at 582-4597.

Faculty are encouraged to discuss academic integrity and its significance to the students, the university, and to the entire academic community. It is strongly recommended that the policy be referenced in all syllabi [see a sample statement below].

Faculty interested in web or software based solutions to assist them in determining the originality of student work should refer to the options at For additional information, please contact Marc Oehlman, at 582-3788.

Sample statement on academic integrity for course syllabi


Academic integrity is of central importance to an education at CSUMB. The core of this integrity resides in the scholastic honesty of the CSUMB community, and therefore, is the responsibility of all students and faculty to uphold and maintain. Forms of academic dishonesty include: cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, and collusion in any of these activities. We value informal resolution of academic integrity allegations; however, students discovered to have engaged in academic dishonesty will be sanctioned.

Student Conduct

(831) 582-4597