Student Disability and Accessibility Center

Student Accommodations

Requesting Accommodations

Students benefit most from accommodations when they are requested well in advance to the start of each academic year or semester, depending on the type of accommodation request

If this is your first time requesting accommodations, please refer to the Getting Started page. If you have received accommodations from SDAC before, please schedule an appointment

Meet with the SDAC advisor to discuss your specific needs and determine reasonable accommodations. Some students may need more than one meeting for full consideration of needs.

Requesting Additional Accommodations

If you have already met with the Student Disability and Accessibility Center (SDAC) Advisor and need to request additional or adjust accommodations, please schedule another appointment with your SDAC advisor or participate in one of our drop-in sessions

If your Request is Denied

If an accommodation request is denied, SDAC will clearly state the reason for the denial and provide actions the student needs to take for reconsideration (such as to provide more detailed current medical documentation).