Recreation Student Leadership Team

What is RSLT?

CSUMB Recreation Student Leadership Team is a group of dedicated recreation student employees committed to collaboration, student advocacy, and leadership in the field of collegiate recreation. Guided by the Recreation mission and vision statements, the Student Leadership Team’s core mission is to create strong student leaders and connect students to Recreation resources and services they need to succeed.

What's the goal?

The goal of our Recreation Student Leadership Program is to grow the Recreation Department and immerse students in diverse and fast-paced program development. Each student will work directly with a Program Coordinator as well as their cohort on Recreation projects.

Consider applying if:

  • You thrive in team settings and want to work in a supportive and collaborative environment.
  • You are seeking more experience by attending conferences and workshops in the recreation field.
  • You are interested in enhancing your understanding of the annual event programming process.
  • You want to practice and learn more about the art of networking both on and off campus.
  • You are passionate about your program area and eager to give a student perspective.
  • You want to develop positive mentorship by working with professional staff 1:1.
  • You want to enhance your soft skills that are applicable in any career pathway.

Important Dates:

  • Position Start: June 1, 2020
  • Position End: May 2021

What YOUR peers have to say about their Involvement

"RSLT has been a great experience for me. The program helped me develop my leadership skills and has given me the opportunity to work on something greater than myself. The friends and memories I have made while working for RSLT are things that I will never forget. I feel more prepared than I ever have to take bigger strides for my future career!" - Paulina Cadena (RSLT Member 2019)
"The RSLT program provided me with a bridge to cross from recent graduate to the field of Recreation as a career destination." - Joshua Mueller (RSLT Member 2018)

"RSLT gave me the opportunity to hone in on my professional and leadership skills. I was able to see the more nuanced side of collegiate recreation, giving me practical skills and opportunities to network." -
Konnor Callihan (RSLT Member 2018)

"I never viewed myself as a leader before participating in RSLT. The program really helped strengthen my confidence, presentation skills, and event planning abilities. I also developed strong friendships through working with my team members." - Aly Guthormsen (RSLT Member 2019)
"During my time in RSLT, I was able to collaboratively work with my fellow peers and professional staff to organize events, presentations, and so much more. The work environment is phenomenal, mainly due to the fact that the team is full of passionate and kind individuals. I will always cherish the memories with my RSLT team!" - Ernie Ocegueda (RSLT member 2019)
"Working as a Recreation Student Leader helped me improve skills not just within the department but skills that I actually use at my job after I graduated." - Nick Emanuel (RSLT Member 2018)
  • Submit your application by 1/31/2020
  • Interviews will take place: 2/5-2/7
  • Offers will be made by 2/12/2020