Center for Reading Diagnosis and Instruction


"What do I do while my child is working with the tutor?"- Parents can relax in our waiting area, explore the campus, or run a quick errand.

"Can I attend the tutoring session with my child?"- The Reading Center encourages parents to observe the tutoring session casually from our waiting area, although direct involvement during the session is not recommended.

"How can I share the information learned about my child's reading with my child's teacher?"- The Reading Center is here to help your child's teacher by providing the parent with supplemental information to share with the child's school/agency to help guide instruction.

"Can I enroll my student without the assessment component?"- The assessment is crucial for our Reading Specialist to plan instruction, so the assessment component is not optional unless sufficient alternate assessments are provided.

"Can my child do his/her homework at the Reading Center?"- Our instructional session does not allow additional time to help with homework, but we will offer support strategies for families and students if requested.