Information Technology

Records Management Standard

California State University, Monterey Bay is committed to effective records management that includes meeting legal and regulatory requirements for record retention, minimizing the space needed for and the cost of records retention, and appropriately destroying outdated records.

Comments or feedback on this standard should be directed to The Office of the Chief Information Officer at (831) 582-4700.


This standard applies to all records, regardless of medium held by CSU Monterey Bay and all employees of CSUMB and CSUMB auxiliary organizations.


CSUMB records shall be retained for the minimum time periods indicated in the CSU or CSUMB records retention and disposition schedules, destroyed when the time period for retention has been met, and disposed of in accordance with University standards.

Supporting documentation

Roles and responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each CSUMB and CSUMB auxiliary employee to adhere to the Records Management Standard and to the supporting standards and procedures.

It is the responsibility of department heads to ensure that employees under their supervision comply with the Records Management Standard and with the supporting standards and procedures.

Revision control

This standard will be subject to revision in response to changes in technology, regulatory compliance, and/or CSUMB operational initiatives.

Last reviewed/updated

06/21/2019 by Chip Lenno, CIO/ISO