Information Technology

Information Technology Disaster Recovery

What is IT Disaster Recovery Planning?

The Cal State Monterey Bay IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR) Plan the process and procedures that IT will use to restore access to information technology resources in the event of a service interruption. A service interruption could be caused by a natural disaster, a major power failure, a fire in the campus data center, or any number of unexpected events. The plan doesn't specify what has happened only how IT and the campus will respond in order to restore services.

What does my department need to know?

Each department should familiarize themselves with the Business Continuity Planning (BCP) process. If your department doesn't have a BCP contact the Risk Management Office to begin the process. A BCP outlines how a department will conduct business in the event of an incident that affects the campus's ability to be open for normal operations. It might include how a department may perform activities normally processed in CMS on paper forms temporarily until access can be restored.

While campus departments are operating under their BCP Information Technology, in coordination with the University Police Department and Facilities Services & Operations, will be working to restore "normal" IT functions. This could include restoring internet connectivity, phone services, access to online business and academic applications, and replacement of damaged computer hardware.

How long will it take?

Disaster recovery timelines are very difficult to anticipate and are highly dependent on the nature of the service interruption. It is recommended that departments be prepared for a "worst case" scenario in which the campus has to fully restore power, internet, phones, etc. A process that could take several days, a week, or perhaps longer depending on the scope and scale of damage.