Human Resources

CSUMB-Voluntary-Remote-Work-Program (VRWP)

CSUMB supports remote work when it is operationally feasible, supports the educational mission, and is in the University’s best interest. Remote work is not an entitlement or a universal benefit for all employees. Individual remote work agreements, and the terms thereof, are at the sole discretion of CSUMB and may be changed or revoked at any time.


The VRWP is available to these CSUMB employees:

  1. CFA Librarians and Counselors
  2. CSUEU Employees
  3. APC Employees
  4. MPPs
  5. Confidentials

Employees may be approved to work remotely on a temporary or long-term basis. Remote work may be on a part-time basis, a hybrid on/off-campus schedule, or a full-time remote schedule. Work assignment locations are at the sole discretion of CSUMB and may be changed or revoked at any time. 

Questions regarding this process can be directed to Human Resources.  

Eligible employees interested in requesting to participate in the VRWP must contact their appropriate administrator for consideration.

Process Overview

The employee and appropriate administrator mutually agree to a remote work schedule for the employee. The employee is required to submit the Voluntary Remote Work Agreement (VRWP) specific to the employee’s represented group to their appropriate administrator for approval. Once all required information is complete and approved, it is sent to Human Resources at for final processing.

VRMP Program Documents