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Vision Plans

Group # 30059426 - Division # 0114 - VSP Basic Plan (Advantage Network)

Group # 30077022 - Division # 0114 - VSP Premier Plan (Choice Network)

VSP website:

Vision Service Plan (VSP): VSP Advantage provider Network

What will VSP Provide?

Convenient Customer Service Hours

VSP offers extended customer service hours, and their representatives are available Monday - Friday, 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Saturday, 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. via their toll-free telephone number: (800) 877-7195 (Basic Plan) or (800) 400-4569 (Premier Plan).

Important Requirement for Premier Vision Plan Enrollment
If an employee chooses to upgrade from the Basic Vision Plan to the Premier Vision Plan, any dependents to be covered for any Vision benefits will also need to be enrolled in the Premier Vision plan.  Employees may not split enrollments between the Basic Vision Plan and the Premier Vision Plan (e.g., dependent(s) in the Basic and the employee in the Premier).

Eligible dependents not included in the VSP Premier Vision Plan enrollment will not be able to seek services under the Basic Vision Plan coverage.

Commitment to Eye Health

VSP has developed a comprehensive Eye Health Management Program that includes: eye education, Patient Eyecare Report, Diabetes Awareness Program, communication with participants' Primary Care Physician (PCP), and Eye on Health, an annual eye wellness newsletter.

Frequency of Benefits Access Now Based on Calendar Year Perspective

All benefits eligible employees and their dependents can access vision services through VSP. The frequency of benefits will be based on a calendar year perspective, and not on a rolling basis calculated from the last date of service. For example, if an employee had an eye exam in February 2023, they are eligible for another eye exam on January 1, 2024, or thereafter.

Please view the member benefit summary and Evidence of Coverage booklet for coverage details.

Ease of Claims Processing

Claim forms are no longer required when using standard in-network benefits. Employees that choose to use a non VSP provider must submit an itemized bill to VSP in order to receive reimbursement based on out-of-network allowances. A claim form, however, is still required for Computer Vision Care benefits whether using a VSP Plan Network doctor or a non-VSP provider. Employees who meet the CSU requirement for Computer Vision Care coverage must obtain the form from the campus Benefits Office.

If you need assistance, please contact Benefits at (831) 582-4426.

VSP Vision Providers

To obtain the most accurate list of vision providers, please register as a member on the

VSP Group Policy Number

The Group Policy number for the CSU Basic Plan is 30059426, Div. #0114.

The Group Policy number for the CSU Premier Plan is 30077022, Div. #0114.

Full details of VSP Vision plan can be found in the Evidence of Coverage booklet.

Using your VSP Benefits

Select a VSP doctor to get the best value from your VSP benefits. If your eye doctor is not in the VSP Plan Network, you still have coverage. However, it will be a lesser benefit and you will typically pay more out-of-pocket. Co-pays still apply. To view the out-of-network reimbursement amounts, please view the member benefit summary.

Make an appointment, tell the doctor's office you are a VSP member, and give them the VSP group number for the plan you are enrolled in. Please have the doctor's office verify eligibility with VSP PRIOR to your appointment to make sure your information is in their system. If there is an issue, please contact Benefits at 831-582-4426 so we may resolve any issues PRIOR to your appointment.

If eligible and using Computer Vision Care benefits, you will need to bring the Computer Vision confirmation form with you to your appointment. No other claim forms are necessary if accessing benefits through a VSP provider network.

If your eye doctor is NOT part of your VSP Plan Network:

You will be required to pay the provider in full at the time of your appointment and submit a claim to VSP for partial reimbursement. If you decide to see a provider not in the VSP provider network, call VSP first at 800-877-7195. Claim forms are available on the UP forms page.