Human Resources

University RTP Committee

The University RTP Committee shall consist of five eligible tenured faculty at the rank of Full Professor or equivalent who shall be elected annually for a one-year term. The nomination and election process for the University RTP Committee shall be facilitated by the Academic Senate Executive Committee, after Human Resources has provided a list of eligible faculty. During the first month of each academic year, all tenured and probationary faculty shall be given five rank-order votes to distribute among all eligible tenured Full Professors, ranking their candidates from 5 (highest ranking) to 1 (lowest ranking). The five candidates with the highest numerical rankings shall serve on the University RTP Committee, except that no more than one faculty member from any department shall serve on the University RTP Committee. A tie for the fifth position shall be broken by lot.

If a faculty member is ineligible to serve on the University RTP Committee for one of the reasons listed in the Policy, section 7.00, or due to resignation from the University, the vacancy shall be filled by the next candidate in rank order.

2022/23 University RTP Committee includes:

  • Kent Adams
  • Leslie Boni
  • Jennifer Dyer-Seymour
  • Maria Villasenor
  • Swarup Wood