Human Resources

Substitute Faculty Assignments

Procedures for substitute faculty assignments are governed by the CFA/CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 20.8. Substitute Faculty assignments are temporary replacement assignments intended to cover short-term faculty for up to 20 days (e.g., emergency leaves,jury duty, bereavement leaves).

Article 20.8 CFA/CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement

A faculty employee who is assigned temporary substitute duty of a short duration, which shall normally be up to twenty (20) days, shall be compensated at the faculty substitute rate. Temporary substitute assignments of a longer duration, which shall normally be greater than twenty (20) days, shall be compensated by an appropriate workload reduction as soon as practicable or, if the employee is not employed in the next academic term, the employee shall be appropriately compensated upon separation for the class hours taught. For compelling reasons, a faculty employee may decline such an assignment. Nothing in this provision shall preclude faculty employees from making informal voluntary substitute arrangements of short duration with a University colleague, subject to the approval of the department chair.

Steps in assigning substitute faculty:

  1. Assess whether the assignment will last 20 days or less. If the assignment is likely to be longer than 20 days, the Substitute Faculty classification may not be appropriate. Contact Academic Personnel to discuss other options for longer-term replacement assignments.
  2. Temporary,short-term substitute assignments may be satisfied through informal voluntary arrangement with faculty colleagues with the approval of the department chair.
  3. Please complete (Substitute Faculty Assignment form) when assigning substitute work to and route for approval as indicated on the form.
  4. Afterwork has been performed, the lecturer must complete Hourly Intermittent Voucher for each month worked. This completed form must be submitted and approved in order for the substitute lecturer to be paid.