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Student Assistants (Stateside)

Student Assistant - CSU Guidelines

The Office of the Chancellor is responsible for the review, analysis, and communication of the Student​ Assistant guidelines. To view the current employment guidelines for student assistants, please visit: Guidelines for Student Assistants.


Student Assistant - Classification Standards

Student Assistants are CSU students who work in various areas of a campus. Student Assistants may work up to, but not in excess of, 20 hours per week during academic periods and may work up to 40 hours per week during academic break periods.

Under direct supervision, Student Assistants perform duties ranging from unskilled to skilled and/or specialized, in a variety of positions that typically require the use of manual, clerical, public contact, and/or analytical skills. Assignments have limited use of discretion and judgment. Work is regularly reviewed and may entail detailed instructions. Specific job duties are defined by the appropriate campus department.

The Student Assistant classification is distinguished from the Student Trainee, On-Campus Work Study classification in that the Student Trainee positions must meet eligibility requirements of the Work-Study Program as determined by the campus’ Financial Aid Office. The Student Assistant classification is distinguished from the Instructional Student Assistant, Graduate Assistant, and Teaching Associate classifications in that the Student Assistant does not perform academic related duties such as instruction, tutoring, grading, evaluating, research, and assisting faculty with classroom activities.