Human Resources

Lecturer Entitlement - General Principles

Keep in mind this is a general principles guideline when reviewing lecturers for available work; for more detailed explanation please refer to the Building Your Schedule page:

  • Evaluate lecturers within their Groups.
  • Lecturers must be qualified for available work; i.e., just because a lecturer may have an entitlement, doesn’t mean they’re entitled to work for which they aren’t qualified.
  • All lecturers who worked in the previous academic year are “incumbents” and must be given careful consideration. You must review each lecturer's personnel action file and sign the file log to demonstrate that the lecturer has been carefully considered.
  • Course assignments are made based on programmatic need. If a lecturer turns down a course, you are not required to offer another course in its place.

Please use this information when making assignments for next year:

  • Within each Group, review the lecturer’s qualifications and performance.
  • Based on programmatic need, offer work up to the entitlement time base. Entitlements are expressed as total WTUs for the year.
  • If there is sufficient work, you must satisfy the entitlements of all lecturers in one group before moving to the next group (assuming they’re qualified for the work – see (b) above.)
  • Special note regarding Group 7: Careful Consideration, lecturers in Group 7 with 12.3 appointment rights worked both semesters last year; lecturers in Group 7 with no provision 12.3 appointment rights only worked one semester last year. They are all to be reviewed as one group. The only difference is the type of appointment they must be offered:
  1. If you do offer work to a lecturer with 12.3 appointment rights, you must offer the lecturer an academic year appointment. If it later turns out that there isn’t enough work for a spring semester assignment, the appointment will be canceled at the end of fall semester.
  2. Because assignments are based on the best interests of the program, it is possible that all available work could be offered to Group 7 lecturers with no provision 12.3 appointment rights, leaving insufficient work available for Group 7 lecturers with 12.3 appointment rights.
  • After offering work up to entitlement levels, if there is still work available, go to Group 8 in the priority list.
  1. First offer work to Group 3 lecturers up to full time. In the event the department has a need to assign work for which a temporary part-time faculty with a one-year appointment is objectively determined to be demonstrably better qualified, the one-year appointee may be assigned the work.
  2. Next offer work to part-time temporary faculty with a one-year appointment up to full time.
  3. After that, you may consider any new applicants. New applicants include recently retired lecturers, emeritus faculty, and any lecturer that did not teach last academic year

Updated 11/27/2012