Human Resources

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

CSU Family Medical Leave is job protection in accordance with state and federal laws which grant up to 12 weeks of paid or unpaid leave during a 12-month period to care for yourself, a child, spouse, parent or other qualified member with a serious health condition. This benefit as well as pay are determined by employee category and collective bargaining contracts.

Important information:

  • Pay option information and questions about FML/leave reporting can be provided during leave advising with a leaves specialist or by emailing
  • Leave is pro-rated if work hours are less than 40 hours per week. FML is calculated and tracked on a rolling 12-month period of time. Medical certification is required.
  • While on unpaid leave, the employee may request CSUMB to continue providing benefits coverage either through payroll deductions or direct pay if there is no longer enough pay to cover the employee's cost of benefits while on leave.
  • The CSU Family and Medical Leave (FML) provides the right of reinstatement to the same or another position with equivalent benefits, pay and conditions of employment upon the employee's return to work at the end of the FML.
  • The Leave of Absence Request and Physician's Medical Certification forms are required for the employee’s own FML covered absences.
  • The Leave of Absence Request and Family Medical Leave Medical Certification form is required for the employee to take leave for a qualified family member’s medical needs.
  • Family leave pay administered by the EDD is an entirely separate insurance program, separate from the CSU parental leave paid 30 days of leave. Your CSU employment does not pay into the EDD SDI or Family Leave insurance program in lieu of our own NDI and paid parental leave programs.
  • Other than for pregnancy disability where Pregnancy Disability Leave job protection is applicable for medical disability related to pregnancy and/or birth for up to four months, FML runs concurrently with other types of leaves.
  • FML is applicable to both exempt and non-exempt employees per the CSU FML Policy.
  • If no FML leave is taken, please write a "0" on the FML row in the far right column.
  • Intermittent or partial FML leave is tracked monthly on the FML tracking form, signed by you and your manager.

Intermittent FML use reporting - please follow these instructions for completion of the Family Medical Leave (FML) tracking form:

  • All hours for absences for the payroll period must be entered on the form and indicate the type of pay used.
  • If no FML leave is taken, please write a "0" on the FML row in the far right column.
  • The absences entered on the form need to match what is reported on CMS at the department's level.
  • All leave absences (FML) must also be carried down to the FML row at the bottom of the form.
  • All rows are totaled in the right-hand column.