Human Resources

Evaluations for Lecturers & Coaches

Evaluation/feedback forms and procedures for lecturers and coaches.

Candidate Recommendation Form

Use this form when appointing new and returning temporary faculty employees

Coach Evaluation Process Overview

A flowchart of the process for coach evaluations

Lecturer Annual Evaluation Form

The form to use when annually evaluating lecturers

Lecturer Cumulative Evaluation Form

The form to use when cumulatively evaluating lecturers

Lecturer Evaluations Criteria, Procedures and Calendar

These procedures supplement Article 15, Evaluation, of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

Lecturer Peer Evaluation Form

Use this form to complete peer evaluations and classroom visitation

Lecturer Self Evaluation Form

Lecturers are not required, but highly recommended to complete a self-evaluation form

Student feedback on instructor and course

Students who are not completing electronic course evaluations may submit this feedback form