Human Resources

Evaluating Teamsters (Unit 6)

In the box to the right you will find resources, evaluation procedures, and the current evaluation form for evaluating Teamsters employees.

Probationary employee evaluations are due within two (2) weeks of completion of the 6th and 11th months.

Annual evaluations are due July 31st.

How to use the evaluation form

DO NOT use forms you have stored on your computer and do not save blank forms on your computer for later use. We want to assure you use the most current form.

Please use the evaluation forms (either as on-line fillable, or print it out to do by hand)posted on this webpage. This will assure that you always use the most current form and will avoid having to re-do evaluations. Download the form onto your computer before filling it out to ensure you can save it. If any of the below forms do not open as on-line fillable, or have other issues, please let Human Resources know immediately so we can fix the problem.

These forms allow a fixed number of characters in each section. If you run out of room on the form, simply note "see attached" or "continued" and continue writing on a separate sheet of paper. Be sure to clearly mark which section the text belongs with and attach it to the document.

Evaluators - please remember to:

  • NOT sign the draft evaluation given to the employee for review/input. Sign the final, but not the draft.
  • Attach the Self-Evaluation (if one was submitted) to the Performance Evaluation.
  • Provide the employee with a copy of the fully signed Performance Evaluation and all attachments.
  • Submit the Performance Evaluation (with any attachments) to Human Resources on or before the deadline.