Human Resources

Employment After Retirement (CalPERS)

A CalPERS retiree cannot serve, be employed by or be employed through a contract directly by a CalPERS employer unless he or she either reinstates or his or her employment satisfies the following conditions:

  • The person is appointed either during an emergency to prevent stoppage of public business or because the retired person has skills needed to perform work of limited duration;
  • The appointment does not exceed a total for all CalPERS employers of 960 hours, or other equivalent limit, per fiscal year; and
  • The person’s pay rate must be within the range paid by the employer to other employ ees performing comparable duties.
  • A 180-day waiting period is required before the retiree can return to work for a CalPERS employer without reinstating from retirement, except under certain specified circumstances. FERP participants are exempt from this requirement.

CalPERS is ultimately responsible for interpreting the California Public Employees’ Retirement Law as it applies to post-retirement employment. Please review the CalPERS publication regarding employment after retirement.

Department administrators shall consult with Human Resources prior to offering employment to a CalPERS retiree. Non-compliance may result in retroactive termination of retirement status with reinstatement to active employment and serious financial consequences to both the member and the University.

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