Human Resources

Dental Group Numbers

Please provide the appropriate Dental Plan Group Number to your dentist from the Dental Plan Group Numbers 2022.

  • Dental Enhanced II PPO: Group# 04018-xxxx - Login to your Delta Dental account to print your ID card.
  • DeltaCare USA Enhanced (DHMO): Group# 02034 - Please reference your ID card

Dental Plan Options

The university offers eligible employees and their dependents the choice of two dental plans:

  • A "fee for service" indemnity plan in which employees choose their own dentist. (PPO)
  • A "pre-paid" plan, which requires employees to select dentists from an approved list. (DeltaCare USA HMO)

Each plan varies in coverage, so it is essential that you compare plans before making your selection. Collective bargaining agreements designate the level of the dental plan for employees. Please see the latest Dental Plans Summary for a side by side comparison.

Delta Dental also offers the "Delta Dental PPO Network", which may allow you to save even more on your dental care by choosing a dentist who is part of this network. The dentists in this network are a select group of Delta dentists who have agreed to charge lower fees for their services than other dentists. Generally, you will save 23 - 30% on most services. Along with your savings, you will be responsible only for your portion of the bill and you avoid having to file claim forms.

For more information, please visit the Delta Dental website.

To find a participating Delta Dental provider in your area.

Dental Coverage Effective Date

New dental enrollments are effective the first day of the month after the forms are received in HR. For example, a new staff employee who submits an enrollment to HR on January 15th will be covered by a dental plan starting February 1st. The 60-day enrollment deadline applies. Processing at the State Controller's Office takes at least 30 days or up to two pay periods.

For academic year faculty hired at the beginning of the fall semester, coverage generally begins October 1st. For faculty hired at the beginning of the spring semester, coverage generally begins March 1st. The 60-day enrollment deadline applies in both instances.

For Delta Dental enrollees, ID cards are not issued to new employees. Your dentist verifies coverage over the phone by calling your plan directly.

DeltaCare USA does issue ID cards and will mail them directly to the enrollee.

Dental Employee Cost

CSU currently pays the full premium for the dental plan regardless of how many dependents are covered. Co-pays and deductibles may apply.

Dental Late Enrollment

If you do not enroll by the 60th calendar day of eligibility, a 90-day waiting period may be applied starting from the day HR Benefits receives your enrollment form. The effective date would be the 1st of the month following the completion of the 90-day waiting period. You may also enroll during the annual open enrollment period.

Dental Plan Changes

An open enrollment period is conducted annually in the fall. At this time employees can change dental plans, and add or delete dependents. Changes are effective on January 1st of the following year. Employees are advised to carefully consider all factors when choosing a dental plan. Plan changes are allowed only during open enrollment. To change your benefit, submit a completed dental enrollment form.